List of Projects

1. This coming week I’m going to be screenprinting When I grow up I want to marry a castle! They’re going to be screenprinted posters with three different grays in halftone. They’ll probably be $25 plus shipping, first edition. I’ll keep you guys posted!!

Here’s the original drawing:

2. Monday I’m sitting down with my dear friend Tessa and we’re going to jam, and eventually make some songs. I don’t know where it’s going to go, but I’m excited to collaborate with her again! Our first collab was It was their first spring, which gets me to 3…

3. Going to reprint It was their first spring. I’m going to make the zines available online, too. This will happen before September.

4. Work continues on my new book, The Summer I Forgot My Middle Name Was Grace. I want some sort of manuscript by Winter.

Here’s a photo of my studio with The Summer I Forgot… covering its walls:

For this project I really needed nice white walls to pin stuff to, so I built these temporary walls out of homasote and two by fours. When I work, mostly I stand in this room, stare at the walls, pin, re-pin, and re-re-pin everything into different configurations. Sometimes there are holes and I make stuff to fill the holes. It’s a new process for me and so far it’s been good.

5. Thinking of the far-off future, I need to research stuff for my third book. Reading time needs to go into that.

There we go! Lists make things happen.

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