Website Update, with New Books, Drawings, and more!

Holy shit, it’s finally happened!

My portfolio site has been updated!

Many new additions to the Portfolio! New books Going Back and Relation can be read online, and are also available for purchase in physical form! Head over to The Store to check it out! Also have added a “Prints” section, which includes the CMYK screenprint Myrddin. The “Drawings” section is also packed with new stuff, including watercolors, illustrations and self-portraits. There is also a new promo page up in the “Comics” section for the graphic novel Jeremiah.

Going Back and Relation are two books I’ve been working on for a while, posting images from them onto this blog, and I’m really excited to finally launch them. I had them at the two conventions I’ve attended recently, but it never feels real until they’re online. I hope you find them interesting and engaging! I’ll post more in-depth about them when things aren’t so hectic, which will hopefully be soon. Update!

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