A closer look at ‘Relation.’

Relation is sexual melancholia. A small and poetic art book, it features pencil drawings of graceful yet twisting figures in calm erotic positions, cuddling rather than being provocative. The book is speckled with text that is joking yet deceptively serious, creating a poetic dialogue with the pages of nude couples. Do the figures have deep-set issues with sex? Do they know each other or are they anonymous? Are emotions too complex, even when people want to transcend them for the sake of their libidos?

You can see the book like this, or you can see it as a fun, pocket-sized book of sexy drawings. Either way, I am proud of the quality of Relation, and hope you enjoy.

The book itself mimics the look of small pocket-sized journals. The drawings are printed in a fine gray ink on toned paper, creating the illusion that the book contains the actual pencil drawings. I was once asked if I had redrawn every book by hand, and I take that as a compliment to the quality of the printing. (I was also once asked if the drawings were done from observation, which I also take as an extreme compliment.)

Relation is available for purchase at The Store.

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