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“The Island,” Inspiration and Process

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

“I thought I had come to the island to wrest control of my life back from the woman who had sabotaged it. But I was wrong. My mother was still writing my plot.”Island by Jane Rogers

“The Island” is my new screenprint, inspired by Jane Rogers’ novel Island. The novel is narrated by the character Nikki Black, and without getting into a full critique of the book, it’s about Nikki not only seeing the world through a distorted, revenge-bent lens, but as a reader you begin to believe her. You get sucked into her way of seeing the world, to the point that her biological mother, who gave Nikki up for adoption when she was an infant and never had contact with her, is the evil, manipulative puppet master of every disaster in Nikki’s life, from her boyfriends dumping her to bad weather. You begin to trust every defense of Nikki’s moods and action, to the point that realistic perspective is completely lost as a reader, as Nikki herself loses reality entirely in the novel.

My screenprint is inspired by not only the environment of the book, which is an isolated island off the coast of Scotland, but the events. Nikki, in her own mind, is victimized incessantly. The waves in the screenprint are not only made of water but fire, crashing into the island with an incredible, completely unrealistic ferocity. I wanted to create a single image that described the entire experience of reading the novel.


I read Island back in June in a fervent four days, and minutes after I finished I drew the first draft of the image that would become the screenprint:


To Wrench Away

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Normandy, 2011 (detail)


New Watercolors (That You May Buy)

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

These are available for purchase in my store.

She sighed and crumpled to the floor.

Sunday, December 18th, 2011


You can get my books and prints here.

“The Island”

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

3-color screenprint on 100# French cover stock, 18″ by 24″, signed & numbered edition of 50, 2011

Available for purchase.

I also added some original art to the store.

‘The Island’ Digital Mock-Up and a Poem

Friday, December 9th, 2011

This is a digital mock-up for my next screenprint, The Island. It’s inspired by Jane Rogers’ novel Island.

And here’s a poem, without title:

“How long?,” my friend howls, neck craned,

Teeth bared.

She’s self-assured —

Maybe that’s the therapy.

“It doesn’t end,” she dictates.

She knows what she needs, what she feels,

At every moment.

“It’s forever,” she repeats,

In the light.

But later,

You thrash,

And trash,

And transform,

Howling your annoyance

At the waning sun.

Narcissus and Goldmund

Sunday, December 4th, 2011


“How mysterious this life was, how deep and muddy its waters ran, yet how clear and noble what emerged from them.”

“… for Narcissus loving was not a natural condition but a miracle.” — from Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse


“encourage madness”

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

It will be approaching the six month mark soon for when I started this life. This life of shuttling back-and-forth between my parents’ house and cabin, my job and my friends downtown. My car has become my main home, clothes strewn in every place; I always carry a toothbrush in my backpack.

It’s not settling, and I don’t think I’ll ever feel settled here, but it’s an opportunity. I’ve been able to really take strides I’ve wanted to take. I feel tidal waves of passion then stress towards pace. Slow! Everything’s so slow! Things you want to happen are slow! Things you don’t want to happen are slow! Is this the nature of jobs, sucking your time? Of commutes between places? Or just nature itself? Do I just want to speed through time?

I love my commute, though. I love driving. I could listen to the car radio for hours if I had to (actually, I did, chronicled in my book Going Back). It gives me meditation and focus. “The mind is powerful when it has no distractions.” Art gives me mediation, too. And reading. Or maybe anything’s meditation when it isn’t the TV or the internet.

“Encourage madness” is something my friend Sarah said to me over the phone. I was calling her for advice on a situation. I like it. I’ve recently had my feverish pipe-dreams dashed, so I can stand by advocacy for these decisions in life. I’ll be your cheerleader for off-the-cuff decisions, why not?

I actually started writing because I wanted to talk about my art. I wanted to talk about how I don’t see a difference in realism, naturalism, cartooning and illustration. The reason I draw one way sometimes and another other times is because I see them so similar, what’s important are messages and delivery. I wonder what other people see in my “realism” and my “cartooning.” I see them as almost the same thing. Well. I’ve come across a lifetime supply of nice drawing paper at work, so I’m doing a new pencil drawing every few days. I’ll figure this out soon.

I loved the holidays because I get to take time off and draw all day and all night. I wonder if it’ll be the same now that I’ve graduated.