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On Tuesday night Caitlin & I shlepped around her uncle and aunt’s empty home in Minneapolis. It will be one of the final times we are together for a while– today she is off to Chicago for a two-week zine residency, and then she’s going to the Southwest for a month. In August I am moving to Providence.

The empty former home was just the right setting for a humid July evening, talking & drinking into the morning hours. We’ve been good friends for over ten years now; we had some rocky spots, spurred by our living together for a summer, but with many other factors involved. Growing pains. Now we’re both adults, and we’ve become incredibly tight again. It’s a relief and a miracle. To have someone so close to you for so long is so special and rare, I can’t help but feel beyond fortunate. And to have it be Caitlin is more than anyone could dream of.

I wanted to record the image I had of her that night. Our friendship is probably going to shift again, but I’m not afraid of it.

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