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Thursday, September 4th, 2014



DEAR AMANDA, new comic debuting at SPX 2014

Belén is saving up to move to Amsterdam and become a writer, but thankfully this summer won’t be lonely. She starts a bittersweet fling with her coworker Ginette, who is (coincidentally) a great source of inspiration for Belén’s writing.

I wonder what Ginette thinks of that.

48 pages, $5, 8.5″ x 5.5″

I have been nominated for an Ignatz Award in Promising New Talent! Thanks to the jurors for the nomination. Attendees are the voters. So if you come to SPX, September 13 – 14, you can vote! Check out all the other nominees.

I will be at Table W50. I hope to see you at SPX!

Here’s a recent interview I did.

Two Things Reprinted

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Review of behind every young girl’s arse… written by Sophia Foster-Dimino from the Notable Comics of 2013 post on the Comics & Cola blog:

“Cathy G. Johnson is a cartoonist living and working in Providence, RI – where I went to college (we bonded over PVD at a con once) – and I think the first comic of hers I read was “Her Name Was Prudence,” a story about relationships, literature, sex, communication… beautifully rendered in graphite. I’m generally a big fan of comics done in pencil, especially if they sort of mimic vision in motion by blurring out peripheral details, and hint at process by showing semi-erased leftovers.

I’ve read many many pages of comics this year but Cathy’s black-and-white 9-pager behind every young girl’s arse… has really stuck with me, and I’ve thought about it regularly since I first read it. Her rough pencils perfectly evoke a pitch-black night, with a fire throwing thick shadows over contorted forms. The story is brief but it hits like a heavy hammer – full of monumental desperation and rage. Even little meta-details – like shadows of other pages showing through the paper – or a format-breaking list of potential “reactions” that could easily be Cathy’s own, in her sketchbook – drive home the raw weight of this narrative. The story is bookended by two contrasting images of a naked woman, and since I have reread this story countless times in the past few months, I have compared those images again and again. My experience of this comic is cyclical. It feels like a colossal turning wheel.

behind every young girl’s arse… is published in tandem with the also excellent Until It Runs Clear in a single zine, for sale online. Her incredible watercolor webcomic Jeremiah was also collected and published this year.”


My comic behind every young girl’s arse… can be read here

Quote by Nina Power, from She’s just not that into you:

“What, ultimately, would it mean to let the Young-Girl speak for herself and not through the categories imposed upon her by a culture that heralds her as the metaphysical apex of civilization while simultaneously denigrating her, or even the categories that Tiqqun mobilize to take her apart in a subtly different way? Behind every Young-Girl’s arse hides a bunch of rich white men: the task is surely not, then, to destroy the Young-Girl, but to destroy the system that makes her, and makes her so unhappy, whoever ‘she’ is.”

SPX Debuts!

Saturday, September 7th, 2013


My SPX rundown of what’s going on! (I know my incredible tablemates have their own amazing stuff, but I’ll let them talk about it themselves.)

Here’s what I got debuting at SPX TABLE I1:


1) JEREMIAH’S BOOK DEBUT! ‘Jeremiah’ is the foreboding story of a teenager whose struggle with self-discovery may bring on the end of his world. A watercolor and ink graphic novel spanning 160 pages, ‘Jeremiah’ explores the conflict between the physical and the inexplicable, asking questions about faith, adolescence and sexuality.

5″ x 7″, 160 pages, full-color


2) NEW SCREENPRINT featuring a chicken and her friend, with matching mani pedis and eye-rolling attitudes.

5-layer screenprint on gray acid-free card stock, 8.5” by 11”, signed & numbered edition of 70. Comes in a clear poly sleeve with cardboard backing.


3) “WE DEFINE THE LIMITS OF OUR PERSONALITIES TOO NARROWLY. WE CONSIST OF EVERYTHING THE WORLD CONSISTS OF.” 2013 summer travel zine, spanning my time visiting friends along the East Coast and family in Finland and Sweden. This zine is CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE, meaning it’s not available online. The reason for this is because it gets personal. Come and buy one if you want to know some of my secrets. It has writing and comics and observational drawings.

5” by 8.25”, 44 pages, b&w

I’ll also have my other comics and zines, and my other screen prints. It’s probable I won’t have the space to display them, so if you know you want to buy one, you should ask me about it.

New Comic Premieres at CAKE

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Next weekend is CAKE, the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, and I’m proud to announce the debut of two works:


“He fought like a little tiger in a trap,” debuting at TCAF in Toronto last month, with Chicago in June being its US debut.

8 pages, 11″ by 17″ newsprint, grayscale

Inspired by the 1940 novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. This comic takes a look at one’s sense of identity, its expression, and ultimately, the often-inhospitable conditions that tend to stifle it.

Kevin and I each wrote and drew half of the pages, splitting them horizontally. It was fun and emotional to work on this project with him, and I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved together.

It’s available for purchase from me here, as well as from Czap Books here.

Here is my half of the big center spread (click it view bigger):


I’m also debuting Until It Runs Clear, a full-color, 20 page zine that will collect a few gouache paintings, the comic “behind every young girl’s arse…” and the NEW comic “Until It Runs Clear.”:



The rest of the comic may be read on my website here.


The zine will also have “behind every young girl’s arse…” in it, which can be read online HERE.

The zine “Until It Runs Clear” can be PRE-ORDERED on my Storenvy HERE.

Hope to see you in Chicago next weekend!

Hourly Comics Day 2013

Friday, February 15th, 2013


Comic: Behind every young girl’s arse…

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Happy new year, everyone. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down is now two years old (and this is coincidentally its 100th post), though the blog was somewhat set aside while I’ve worked on other projects. You can get yourself updated on what I’ve been up to at I hope everyone has kept warm. In honor of this two-year-anniversary, as well as the coming new year, I bring you a comic. But it needs something before I can begin.

I can start by saying I’ve been having somewhat of a crisis. Theoretical crisis? Artistic? Critical? Peergroup? All of the above? And it’s made me hesitant to speak up. Because I’m afraid of not being articulate, of not having a solid enough grasp on what I’m trying to say. But if I lay around dreaming of a thesis to come, it won’t happen. Thought is a process, arriving to conclusions is a journey, and one must make room for changing your mind, expanding, etc. But if you are so nervous of criticism for ideas you are flirting with, you will never get anywhere good. I need to allow myself a thoughtful journey.

With that idea in mind I can finally introduce the comic. This work was made right in my notebook, literally drawn around notes. I’m upset about things. And I thought I was being heavy-handed, but maybe I’m not. Depends on who you are.

“Behind every Young-Girl’s arse hides a bunch of rich white men: the task is surely not, then, to destroy the Young-Girl, but to destroy the system that makes her, and makes her so unhappy, whoever ‘she’ is.” – Nina Power, “She’s just not that into you.”

Pre-Order the 2nd Edition of “Her Name Was Prudence”

Monday, October 15th, 2012

“Her Name Was Prudence” sold out at SPX, and is now hitting its second run. The show was wonderful, and I was completely flabbergasted that I ran out. So the 2nd Edition is forthcoming, especially for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest on November 10, so if you’d like a copy you can PRE-ORDER IT HERE!

Here’s a shot of the new covers, freshly screenprinted and on the Dirt Palace drying rack:


I’ve moved to Providence, Rhode Island, and I’ve been extremely happy. I’ve made bunches of new friends, many of whom are artists, and I’ve quickly felt at home. But woah nelly, have I been busy! So here’s a selection of random drawings, sans explanation:

‘Her Name Was Prudence’ debuting at SPX this weekend!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

HER NAME WAS PRUDENCE, debuting at SPX this weekend! (Table W63)
by Cathy G. Johnson
16 pages
Grayscale interiors with screen-printed cover

Soomin is an unenthusiastic twenty-something who doesn’t know what to do, but does it well. She’s apathetic and gets laid and is reasonably social. At a used bookstore she finds an 18th-century poem by William Jameson and she thinks she likes it, but her friends are just kinda cynical about it. ‘Her Name Was Prudence’ is about trying to enjoy something when no one, not even yourself, really cares.

I’ll also have JEREMIAH FREEBIES! A lot of postcards and a limited amount of buttons, to promote my new webcomic JEREMIAH!

I’ll be at table W63 with Olivia Horvath and Eel Choy. Please come by and say hey!

Vote for us!