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Ten Years, Art and Donkeys

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Ten years ago I came back from art school pre-college to find my dad had replaced the brown family van with a small blue car. I was sixteen years old, and I remember thinking, “this does not break my heart.” My family was very steadfast, so when things changed, it usually broke my heart.

When I finished college my parents gave me that blue car, and now, at ten years old, it’s been giving me hell. It’s had over $6,000 worth of work done on it in the last two months (luckily half of that was paid by insurance), and I’m looking to replace it soon. I’m on the verge of my 26th birthday.

Ten years ago I was in Providence taking a six week course on drawing. That class broke a habit most young artists develop, which is “this is the way art must look, and I am learning it well, and now my art looks like real art.” I was making comics that were penciled and inked with brush and were very very cliche. I was telling stories that weren’t mine. They looked like any other comic out there, and that’s what my teacher said to me. It was devastating. I changed the way I produced art, studied sculpture in college before I returned to comics, and I credit that less traveled road for what my work looks like today.

I live in Providence now, which is mostly by coincidence. I forget that I spent a pivotal six weeks here when I was sixteen. I run into people occasionally who remember me then, and they are mostly… impressed, I think. That I haven’t changed. I was very mean and aloof and serious, and I’m still like that. I’m too serious.


I miss caring for animals. I understand care. I used to spend a lot of time cleaning barns and feeding animals. I used to carefully wash out water bowls for the horses and donkeys. Who is watching me clean the bowls? No one. No one praised me, or knew to acknowledge it. I did it because the donkeys deserve fresh, clean water. I miss that. I always need my energy to be productive, or I get frustrated. I have places I want to be. I have goals. But secretly caring for animals, working very hard for them, that was good for me. The donkeys didn’t even really let me pet them. It was hard work that wasn’t appreciated and only went to make their life good. I loved it.

I’m working hard right now and I’m happy. I’m stressed that summer is here, because it’s making me feel like I have to enjoy it. I’ll probably go to a show tonight and see friends. I’m tightly wound. I’m happy.

For Sale: Snakes Framed Original Art

Sunday, March 1st, 2015



I’m selling framed original art from my Snakes illustration series.

Image has appeared in Cicada Magazine March / April 2014 issue, self-pubished zine Snakes 2014, and CityArts exhibition Winter 2015.
Graphite on cream acid-free paper. Art 4.5” by 6.5”, frame 9.5” by 11.5”.

Complete Snakes illustration series can be viewed here.

Purchase it here at my store!

New Moon in Capricorn and Solstice December 21st 2014

Sunday, December 21st, 2014





Capricorn is the goat climbing to the mountain top. The mountain is your mighty I Am Presence. The I Am Presence does not descend into the lower physical world where ego reigns. You are to climb higher and merge with your God Consciousness. –New Moon in Capricorn and Solstice December 21st 2014, Mystic Mamma

Sketches, October 29 2014

Thursday, October 30th, 2014




Recent Drawings, October 2014

Thursday, October 16th, 2014






Tuesday, June 10th, 2014





I went to a monastery for my birthday this year, the place where they make the local jam I like. They come in these beautiful little jars. I’m 25 years old now, I like that age. I feel that age. I only started liking my birthdays when I got older, past school. They make sense to me when I could control myself.

I’m happy. Things are working out, things always work out. I don’t really have anything profound to say. What did I used to write in my journals on my birthdays? I wish I could find my journal when I turned 22. 23. It’s here somewhere. 24 was here in Providence, and I have the same journal this year I had then, and it doesn’t have an entry. I never kept good journals, though. I realized years ago that if I wanted to make stuff I couldn’t force myself to adhere to one book at a time, one thing at a time, cover-to-cover.

I went to a monastery, and mostly laid in the fields surrounding the abbey. It was a beautiful day, slightly warmer than the day before (me and N went to the beach that day). I ate chips and drew the clouds and cleared my mind. Cleared my mind without particularly trying, which is the only way that makes sense. Forcing your mind to clear is sort of horrific. The abbey was an hour and a half drive too, which was nice. I had a great time. I kind of wished I had brought a tent and I could have camped there a few days, not spoken out loud a few days, but there was a party for me that night, and C did a tarot reading for me like she did last year, so I had to go back. I should live in a cold brick building some day.


This drawing of the main stained glass window doesn’t fit the aesthetics of my drawings well but it has to go in. Something I liked about the abbey was that it wasn’t very open to visitors. It had two tiny entrances that were barred off from the rest of the complex. The building itself had kind signs that asked for absolute silence. The interior of the building rang out with every shuffle from my backpack. I love that. A huge, echoing building, so when you bump something, everyone knows about it. Clear and cold and empty.

Three Drawings

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014




Responses I and II

Monday, January 27th, 2014